War Memorial

Welcome To Australia War Memorial At Canberra.

The Canberra War Memorial is a national shrine built in the memory of all the members of the armed forces and supporting organizations who gave up their lives in the wars of the Commonwealth of Australia. This memorial houses an excellent national military museum.

Every year this war memorial hosts two major events The Anzac Day and the Remembrance Day attended by hundreds of people both young and old. According to the history of Canberra War Memorial, Charles Bean was the first official World War I historian, who conceived the idea of building this museum memorial.

The building was completed in the year 1941, after the outbreak of World War II. Many additions have been made since then. The main attractions of the Canberra War Memorial are Anzac Parade, a commemorative area, a memorial building and a sculptured garden.

The Anzac Parade, is a broad boulevard named in the honor of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. This extends from the north shore of Lake Burley Griffin till the proper memorial building. Both the sides of the parade are bordered with a row of monuments in the memory of important military campaigns of services.

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